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The Cosmological Argument

The following is a work in progress, and as such, it is being placed in the “Incomplete” category. Once it is cleaned up a bit more and additional references and details provided, I’ll move it into a more formal category. I consider this as it is, in a state of incompleteness and serves primarily as a verbose “outline” that needs to have it’s “blanks” filled... read more

The Genetic Fallacy

A common question (or even criticism) by non-theists about one’s particular faith, is that if one is born in the Middle-East, their faith would most likely be Islam. If born in India, their faith would most likely be Hindu. If born in a western nation, such as the US, their faith will most likely be Christian. Thus, one’s faith is ultimately arbitrary since it is largely determined by... read more

Arguments, Fallacies, and Authority

In order to understand what makes an argument fallacious, or to understand even what a fallacy is, one must first understand what an argument is.  This post serves the purpose of providing a very brief overview and is in no way a comprehensive study.   What is an argument? An argument consists of propositions, also called statements, which can be true or false. Propositions are further classified... read more

what is “logic”?

There are a great number of ways to define logic, for there are a great number of philosophers who have a great variety of theories and opinions. I won’t pretend to create an authoritative dissertation on the matter, no, instead, I’ll present what I believe to be the “minimal conception,” that is, what it must at least be. It is then, sufficient to be applied in most circumstances,... read more