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Of Covenants

Disclaimer: This is a copy/paste from my article at ODN, it is not formatted for WordPress yet. The content is complete, but the style doesn’t match the site yet.   First of all, let us explain what the Old and New Covenants are so there can be no confusion. Of Covenants A covenant is an agreement between 2 parties. There are 7 covenants. God made 5 of them with the nation of Israel. There are... read more

about this site

What is a “philosotheist”? Well, officially…technically, nothing. I made it up. I have a passion for both philosophy (it is my minor after all) as well as theology, specifically of the Christian brand. I wanted to try to find a domain name that would adequately represent these two interests, but all the cool names were taken. So I came up with philosotheist. So, what is Philosotheist?... read more