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Bruno Mars on SNL

Bruno Mars was the host and musical performer last night on SNL. I’ve never been a big fan of Mars, but that’s only because I’m not hip enough to listen to much of what’s current – I still listen to 80′s and 90′s music! I was extremely impressed, not with just his musical performance, but his comedic and improve ability. Of particular note, was the Pandora... read more

my new office

If only it was as nice as this photo! In reality, my desk space is about as crowded and messy (but in an organized, only-I-know-where-the-stuff-is kind of way). I typically get around to getting it uber-organized about once a quarter. When I can’t see over the stack of books and papers to read the monitor, that’s my queue, time to do something about it! Yes, this post is completely irrelevant... read more