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What is a “philosotheist”? Well, officially…technically, nothing. I made it up. I have a passion for both philosophy (it is my minor after all) as well as theology, specifically of the Christian brand. I wanted to try to find a domain name that would adequately represent these two interests, but all the cool names were taken. So I came up with philosotheist.

So, what is Philosotheist? Primarily this blog is about Christian philosophy.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Apologetics sites out there, I don’t know that the world needs another one (as there are some pretty high quality resources out there on the net IMO, some of which will be linked in my resources section). And while I will probably have at least some traditional apologetics material on the site, I will focus more on the philosophical aspect. Not all blogs will be about religion of course, as I said, philosophy is a passion and I look forward to posting about the ideas held by many of my philosophical “heroes,” but at the same time, I’d like to show how philosophy isn’t necessarily contradictory to Christianity and how philosophy and Christian philosophers have shaped the Christian religion.

That’s my goal anyway. This is just starting out…I have a lot of ideas for articles in my head but first, I need to wrap my brain around the many features and functions of WordPress. I think I’ll approach this blog as a step-by-step endeavor, little by little this site will grow (vs a shotgun approach, attempting to get as much material out there as possible).

From time to time, I will probably post personal posts as well (not unlike the previous 2 posts of course). This site is not intended to be purely a scholar level source, although, I do plan on having more sophisticated articles and essays hosted here. This site will also house the personal musing and experiences of yours truly, the Philosotheist (Jeremy Lewis).

So what about me?  I’m an web designer/developer (Harmony Webworks).  I’m a father of 2, husband of 1, live in Southern California, and started this blog as a project for a layout class. My minor (as mentioned) ins in philosophy, with an emphasis in epistemology and ethics. My major, having been changed several times over the years but only now coming to fruition is web development (focus on PHP, SQL, Javascript,  etc…).

I’ve been passionate about philosophy (particularly classical) for just over a decade now, and equally interested in Christian apologetics. I’m particularly fond of Aquinas, Anselm, Augustine, but of contemporary philosophers, William Lane Craig and Alvin Plantinga to name a few.

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